"Cinderella's Enchanted Night"

by Amber Daulton

Will an antique locket and a bit of Cinderella magic fulfill her every dream?
A Contemporary Cinderella Romance Novella with a Magical Twist.
# Steamy
# Contemporary
# Romance
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Twenty-four hours to fall in love. Does she stand a chance? Professional picture framer Annalise Gallagher knows more about canvasses and framing artwork than affairs of the heart, so she’s resigned herself to watching Elijah Burleigh, the new tour guide at her favorite art museum, from afar. That is, until her friend gives her a magic locket. After she makes a wish for a full-body makeover, she’s transformed into a confident, gorgeous woman with one goal in mind. Racing against the clock, she sets out to win the heart of her dream man, but will her adventure in love lead to self-discovery or confirm her belief that she’s no Cinderella? – Cinderella’s Enchanted Night is a steamy contemporary romance novella with a magical twist. It’s perfect for readers who like a little dazzle in their read. – Second edition. Fully revised and edited.