"My Valentine Adventure"

by Amber Daulton

A Contemporary Valentine's Day Romance
Claire lived her life to help wounded animals and then met a man who needed her help just as much.
# Steamy
# Contemporary
# Holiday
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Dumped on Valentine’s Day. Tricked into a blind date. Will she give love another shot? Widowed father Parker Townsend is stuck in a rut. After his two little hellions place a “Mom Wanted” ad in the local paper, he’s roped into a blind date. If that’s not bad enough, why did it have to be on Valentine’s Day—the most commercialized holiday of the year? Claire Lauer answers the want ad to appease her daughter, not to connect with a handsome man drowning in emotional baggage. Hadn’t she learned anything from her ex-husband? But then an animal rights protest takes a turn, and she lands in her date’s bed. With the past closing in, how will Parker and Claire seize their chance at forever?