"Ryan's Temptation"

by Amber Daulton

After Chanel witnesses a murder, she and her sexy neighbor flee the city with the killer in hot pursuit.
A Forced Close Proximity Romance Novella
# Thriller
# Romance
# Steamy
# Suspense
# Contemporary
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Wrong place, wrong time. Now she’s running for her life. Beautician Chanel Leroc can wield a pair of scissors like nobody’s business. After she witnesses a murder and lands on a serial killer’s hit list, she has to figure out how to protect herself—and fast. The killer tracks her down, but her sexy new neighbor, Dr. Ryan Naylor, drives the brute off. The police dump the pair in a witness protection program, which doesn’t last long. Either the killer has a connection to the police, or he’s far more intelligent than they realize. All Chanel wants to do is get back to her safe life and get to know her neighbor better. Instead, she and Ryan hit the road and try to survive on their own. How will they stay alive and keep their blooming romance intact with the killer hot on their trail? -- Book 2.5 in the sexy romantic suspense series, Arresting Onyx. -- Please note that Ryan’s Temptation is a standalone novella that features a few scenes with assault, stalking/harassment, and a brief hostage situation that may be uncomfortable for some readers. No cheating and HEA guaranteed!